Cool Facts

Facts about Smiling

Smiling is a thing that we do every day but we almost never consider the power of smile.
It doesn't matter the language or culture, a smile is globally identified.

  • A smile is one of the most used people face expressions
  • Smiling produces endorphins and makes us come to feel better
  • Though babies learn lots of actions from intently viewing people near them, we are in fact born with the ability to smile, it is not one thing that we copy
  • Such as yawning, smiling is contagious
  • Large smiles are related to better health and wellbeing and higher romantic success
  • Kids smile more than FOUR HUNDRED times a day
  • Smiling Reduces Stress
  • Smiling Improves Your Immune System
  • We can detect a smile from more than 300 feet away
  • Smiling Reduces Your Blood Pressure
  • Smiles can use between Five to all 53 muscles
  • Smiling is a Natural Drug
  • Smiling Makes You Seem Successful
  • There are more than 18 different kinds of smiles which are used in a range of social cases.
  • Smiling is Funny!
  • Women smile more than men
  • Such as yawning, smiling is contagious
  • Smiles are more attractive than makeup

Be happy and smile!