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The shortest war in the history

The shortest war in the history was between the the Zanzibar Sultanate and the United Kingdom.
The conflict lasted only 45 minutes.

The war begins when the sultan of Zanzibar passed away and Khalid bin Bargash (his nephew) grabbed leadership in a coup. The new monarch has been a ally of the Germans and the UK was concerned by the possibility of a German takeover. So the Royal Navy set up 5 warships off the Zanzibar coastline and ordered Bargesh to give up the throne to the sultan’s elder son. Bargesh, not just rejected but as well pompously announced war on the United Kingdom and defied the Royal Navy to defeat his military of 2,500 men and his equipped luxurious yacht, the Glasgow.

Answering to the challenge, the Royal Navy started fire on the boat and palace at 9:00on 27th August 1896. The Glasgow went under just after 15 minutes obliging him to lift the white flag of give up at 9:45.