Cool Facts

The Pink Lake

Lake Retba or Lac Rose lies on a peninsula of Cap Vert in Senegal, about 35 miles from the capital Dakar.

It is one of many unusual natural phenomena in the world.

Depending on the weather, the lake changes color from light purple to deep scarlet pink.

The unusual color is caused by Dunaliella salina - cyanobacteria that thrive in environments with high salinity.
During the dry season the color is even more blatant, but few have seen it in deep pink shades.

The Pink Lake occupies an area of about 3 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 3 meters.

The lake also has a small salt collecting industry
Retba salt content is 40%, making it a worthy rival to the Dead Sea. In each liter of water is about 380 grams of salt.
Salt collectors go to the deeper parts of the lake whit wooden canoe and from there with bare hands pull salt and dragged to the shore to dry.

Besides his strange color lake is also popular as a final point of the famous Dakar Rally.