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The coldest location on Earth where live people

Oymyakon is a village located in the Republic of Yakutia (often also called the Republic of Sakha), Russia. Republic of Yakutia is located in the village itself lies along the River Indigirka. Since 2001, there were approximately 5000 people who inhabit this village.
The name of the village means "no freeze water" comes from the fact that it is near thermal water . Oymyakon is the coldest location on Earth where live people.

Oymyakon famous by a climate that is "super cool". At the date January 26, 1926, the temperature in this village had reached its lowest point, which is -71.2 'C. (-96.2' F).
The average temperature in the region around -20 'C. And summer can be said to be "rare" here. Because, geographically located in the northern polar circle and also the sunlight coming into the area here is very little. Within a year, on average Oymyakon free of ice for 4 months (mid May-mid September). IBHS average temperature is the highest is about 20'c. Well, due to "kedinginannya" is, Oymyakon was awarded as the coldest place of existing residents. Tourists often come to this village just trying to survive the experience of living in cold regions.

Have many unique things here. Oymyakon different from the usual village, here the atmosphere is like in the city (there are malls, hotels, even the airport). However, in terms of population, Oymyakon still classified as rural.