Cool Facts

Ecoducts - reduce conflict between wildlife and roads

Bridge wildlife (ecoduct) provides safe passage and path for many animals living in the wild, thus avoiding the dangers of the highway.

The first such bridge in combination with wildlife, were built in France in 1950.

Later in all European countries began building different crossing structures to reduce conflict between wildlife and roads in several decades using various overpasses and underpasses to protect and restore wildlife and endangered species such as the : amphibians, badgers, ungulates, invertebrates, and other small mammals.

Netherlands as an example.

In the land of tulips were built more than 600 tunnels installed under main and secondary roads. For a few years the Dutch managed to significantly increase the population of endangered European badger.
The longest ecoduct also is located in the Netherlands.
It is located near the city Kralio, is 800 meters long and covers highway, railroad and golf course.